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Sometimes some things happen that make our hearts want to scream out loud. Sometimes things leave us crying into our pillows at night while hating the world. Sometimes all we need someone to listen, but usually its too hard to share. Sometimes all we crave is for a way out to channel our voices to a soundboard that will hear our thoughts and send them out into the world. Many times, all we need is someone to tell us we aren't as alone as we feel in this world... Uchaan Foundation presents to you *open to confessions*, started with a thought to bring people together from every area of life to a single place, to just be there for each other, we share, we listen and we explore while we heal a little. We wish to lend understanding gazes, empathic ears and comforting pats to anyone who wishes to share such tales that haven’t been shared before. Yes, we'll lend an ear to the tale of your life's journey, from tiny yet significant moments to the poetry you don’t get to recite anymore, from the songs that carry your story to your crippling fears. We'll pick up your pieces along with your thoughts and we will hear them to remind you that you are not alone. You don’t have to come and talk though, you can just be there, listen, and let ur thoughts ease up. Your presence will mean a lot to us. There is also a role play and theatre performance lined up to end the day on a lighter and entertaining note. Everyone is fighting their own battles so come lets talk because we will listen! It's time to let the masks come off!! Contact : 9650892595 for any queries.

Our timings

[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Mon: 11:00AM  -  7:30PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Tue: Closed  -  Closed
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Wed: 11:00AM  -  7:30PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Thu: 11:00AM  -  7:30PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Fri: 11:00AM  -  7:30PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Sat: 11:00AM  -  7:30PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Sun: 11:00AM  -  7:30PM


Uchaan Art Gallery, GoldSouk Mall, Sushant Lok Sector 43, Phase 1, Gurugram, Haryana 122002
+91 8860277388  or   or   
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